Cancelation Policy


If you cancel your order BEFORE it has been shipped/or the shipping label has been created or before pre-shipment, we will Give you a full refund, without no questions and fees!! Pre-shipment shows that the shipping label has been created. This means that the order has already started to be shipped with our in house shipping facilities but it has not been handed over to the USPS. 

If you cancel your order AFTER it has been shipped/pre-shipment or need to return the order after delivery, the order has to be shipped back to our warehouse to receive a refund.  All shipping Costs will be covered by the customer.

Orders which are REFUSED AT DELIVERY will have to be picked up at local shipping courier. Our customer service will send you an email about where the package should be picked up. If you have any other questions please reach us at


Pre-shipment - This is is normal. Majority of the shipping process takes place in pre-shipment up to even 2.5 wks. After this your order will be expedited in less than 2 days. This means that your order has been shipped but has not been handed over to the USPS. At this stage the refund can only be made when the order is shipped back.