Kydex Sheath [Restocking Soon]

Kydex Sheath [Restocking Soon]

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Kydex Sheath + Knife $69.99

PU Leather Sheath + Knife 34.99 + 4.99 Shipping. 

How to Get The Kydex Sheath For FREE!

All VIP members will get a free Kydex sheath sent to them. Regular customers will have to pay for the knife. Become a VIP member by:
  1. Giving us a good Facebook Review, when the Facebook survey is sent to you. 
  2. Should have purchased a knife in the last 6 months.
  3. Individuals will be picked selectively from the reviews we receive. Selected members will get an email confirmation about their VIP Status. 
What Do VIP Members Get
    1. Free Kydex sheath shipped to them for free 
    2. You will get any New Products added to our store for FREE.
    3. You will also get 30% OFF on all products bought in our store.
    4. Give us a good Facebook review to activate VIP status. 
    This Kydex sheath is custom made for our Skarde Viking Kitchen Knife
    Color: Black Material: Kydex
    Package: 1 Kydex Sheath *** Does not include a knife.
    We offer a free PU leather sheath with the Skarde Viking knives. If you are not a VIP you will have to pay extra to get a free Kydex sheath.